MICHAEL’S ULtIMATE MISSION is a qualified 501(c)3 organization created to provide financial support to college students for faith-based mission trips.

The namesake of the Foundation, Michael Warren, Jr., participated with mission teams in Peru and Japan while in college.  He was a senior at the University of Georgia when he was killed in a car wreck December 31, 2009.

Michael recognized he was fortunate to have family and friends that made it financially possible for him to experience these trips.  On the drive to the Atlanta airport before leaving for Japan, he mentioned to his dad of students he knew that would really like to go on a mission trip but didn’t have family members or others they felt comfortable asking for financial assistance.

This Foundation was established to honor Michael’s desire to see others have the opportunity to experience a faith-based mission trip as he had.  These trips helped shape Michael.  Our hope is that it will shape the lives of those the Foundation are able to help support through your generosity.

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